Booking conditions

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- In case of booking a Blangicar service, the client accepts the terms and conditions underneath.
- The booking conditions will be sent to the client by e-mail when booking and are also available on demand.
- Any person booking for a group of people accepts the contract conditions for every member of the group.
- the transport title is the confirmation e-mail. The client must show the confirmation e-mail to the Blangicar driver for any transport.
- The travel destination and the picking-up point mentioned on the transport title can be modified at the latest 4 days before the transport date and only with the agreement of Blangicar.
- Blangicar will wait the clients maximum 90 minutes in case of flight delay or train delay. Once these 90 minutes over, Blangicar reserves the right to modify the picking-up conditions or to cancel the transport.
- if the client cancels, the cancellation must be done by e-mail latest 7 days before the transport date. After this period, there will be no refund. If Blangicar cancels, no matter the reason, the transport title cost will be refunded in the shortest possible time, without travel allowances.
- two pieces of luggage are allowed per client including one pair of skis and one snowboard in appropriate bags or a bike in a bike bag. Any overweight luggage or surplus piece of luggage or voluminous piece of luggage (ski, bike, pushchair, etc.) must be mentioned when booking. If the overweight luggage or surplus piece of luggage or voluminus piece of luggage (ski, bike, pushchair, etc.) were not mentioned when booking, Blangicar reserves the right to refuse to carry them.
- Blangicar refuses to transport any person under alcohol, under drugs or being a threat for the driver, the vehicle or the other passengers.
- Passengers are not allowed to eat, drink alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in Blangicar vehicles.
- Blangicar will use all necessary means to be on time to collect and pick-up the clients. Blangicar will bear no liability in case of delay due to reasons beyond its control not enabling Blangicar to carry out its tasks.
Examples of causes beyond the control of Blangicar :
- accidents or vehicle breakdown. Problems to reach the vehicle. Exceptional or major weather conditions. Road accident. Act of vandalism, terrorist action, act of war. Heavy road traffic – traffic jam. Trade union actions by a third party, strike. Problem caused by other clients. Vehicle delayed or stopped by policemen or governement forces. Any other circumstance involving the passengers security.
- a bank transfer down payment will be asked when booking on line. The balance is to be paid cash or by French cheque to the driver for any transport. The rate is the one mentioned on the confirmation e-mail, unless modified conditions agreed upon by the two parties
- Blangicar is a French company, its vehicles are registered and insured according to the existing French law.
- the luggage are under their owner’s entire responsability. Blangicar’s cannot be liable for any losses or damage. Blangicar recommends a travel insurance to the clients.
- Blangicar cannot be liable for direct or indirect losses due to any breach of contract.
- The French Law governs these conditions in all respects. Only the commercial court in Grenoble – France is competent in case of dispute.